Health and Safety Worksheets


Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 13.59.48Health and Safety is the cornerstone of design and manufacturing and is a vital part of any Design Technology classroom or lesson. It is something every DT teacher has to cover but
above and beyond that it is a really interesting and fun topic for any class. Health and
Safety and the discussions and big decisions it provokes in students is well worth dedicating some valuable time to. It can be a subject that is sometimes covered in brief or in a very dry way but it doesn’t have to be.

In this iBook I cover the main aspects of health and safety within the design technology classroom in a fun, informative and often interactive way. The subjects covered within the book are;


This chapter focuses on signs, their location, their colour and design, and offers some worksheets for classes to do as well as interactive resources for presentation to a class or personal reading. The types of signs covered include, warning signs, prohibited signs, mandatory signs and information/emergency signs.

Personal Protective Equipment – PPE

This chapter looks at what is worn in a Design Technology environment as well as other work environments. It looks at the types of PPE, their uses and included worksheets and interactive activities for students to take part in.

Risk Assessment

This chapter covers how to complete a risk assessment and then asks students to complete risk assessments on a range of commonly used machines within design technology. Worksheets are available and presentation materials such as video’s and interactive worksheets.


This chapter looks at the range of substances commonly used in design technology including their safe storage and internationally recognised methods of labelling. Worksheets are available as well as interactive presentation pages.

The iBook is available to Download today from iTunes. This download includes all worksheets in pdf format, videos, games and interactive presentation pages.


If you do not have an iPad or iMac to utilise the iBook with the full range of resources the pdf worksheets to accompany these lessons are available from TES Resources.


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