Luck Grows with Age!

The older I get, the luckier I become. The older you get, the luckier you become. I can prove this with simple logic that even the most unlucky man alive could not deny. See right now, tonight, today, whenever you read this there is just under 7 billion people on this planet. Scientists estimate there has been at least 107 billion humans ever living, meaning at the feet of our existence is 100 billion dead who paved the way for our life and every second of every day that number increases. Every moment, more are also born and global population increases but unless every human that dies leaves 4 children to their name the percentage of dead slowly increases over those alive. The chances of any of us being alive is around 15:1, fifteen dead ancestors for every living being on this planet and with every passing second those odd get more and more stacked against us. As we grow older we beat ever increasing odd, we become ever increasingly lucky to be alive. As we grow older we undoubtedly are more lucky therefore luck grows with age. Our mere existence is incredible good luck, do something good with it! 🙂

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